DOS IRC, FTP und WGET Programme

Alles rund um Software und Spiele, die unter DOS laufen.
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DOS IRC, FTP und WGET Programme

Beitrag von freaked » 20. Jun 2019, 12:29

Wer es noch nicht kennt:

mTCP bietet für DOS mit Packet-Treiber folgende Programme:
  • DHCP: a DHCP client for auto-configuring your machine for use on your network.
  • FTP: an FTP client for transferring files across the network at high speed.
  • FTPSRV: a high performance FTP server that allows multiple connected clients, a sandbox area for untrusted users, etc.
  • HTGET: the HTGet program for downloading files/content from web (HTTP) servers
  • HTTPSERV: an HTTP server supporting HTTP 0.9, 1.0, 1.1
  • IRCJR: the IRCjr IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for chatting on IRC networks.
  • NC: the Netcat command which can be used to send and receive data easily across a network.
  • PING: the Ping command for checking basic network connectivity.
  • PKTTOOL: A packet sniffer and diagnostic tool for packet drivers
  • SNTP: an SNTP client for getting the current date and time from public servers on the Internet.
  • TELNET: a Telnet client for connecting to Unix systems, BBS systems, or any computer that supports Telnet.